Koorana Child and Family Services provides a range of services including supported playgroups, preschool, occupational therapy, speech therapy, early links, service and transition, SIBS, My Time, and home and community-based learning.

Address: 1A Cleary Avenue, Belmore 2192
Contact Number: 9750 4100
Fax Number: 9759 1245
Email: enquiries@koorana.org.au

Website: www.koorana.orrg.au
Hours of Service: Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm
Area organisation services: South West Sydney and Inner West areas
Languages other than English available: Interpreters available upon request
Referral Pathway: Over the phone or complete a Pre-enrolment Form
Eligibility Criteria: Nil
Any Applicable fees: Preschool and certain Therapies have fees

Ward Map

In 2016 the former City of Canterbury Council and former Bankstown City Council amalgamated to form the City of Canterbury Bankstown. The new Local Government Area (LGA) is made up of five Council Wards.

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This map can be used as a guide for the areas different organisations service.

The new LGA has different boundaries for some services listed in this directory such as local health districts, state funded programs and NSW Police Local Area Commands. Different boundaries and funding can impact on the services available to different people.